Posted by: epicwindude | November 8, 2008

My new book

For my birth day I was given a bird book.

The book has 250 birds and sounds.

There is a little electric thing on it you punch in the numbers and press play and you here  the bird.

The bird are filed in Sea birds, Forest birds, Woodland birds, and Open-country birds.

This is a great book for bird watchers.



  1. That sounds like a really cool book 🙂 Do you have a favoriate bird from the book?

  2. The book must be loaded with pictures and sounds . . . can you close your eyes, listen to some of the birds and know which ones they are? Pretty awesome! I was impressed that you knew the names of so many birds and could identify them when we went to the Birds of Prey in Florida. Perhaps we can go again when you come next year.

  3. You will soon be an expert on all birds!! I have to wonder if Uncle Steve (Houston) has that book???

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