Posted by: epicwindude | September 19, 2008

More About Moe Fatz

Moe Fatz is located in franklin WV and serves the best ice cream in the world. their menu is so big it’s to hard to choose.

See what I mean. you can also buy Moe Fatz shirts I have one myself. They come in all sizes and colors blue, pink, orange, green, and camo. I have a blue one.

Moe Fatz is a awesome place that is a great place to spend your time I think.

So next time you go to franklin visit Moe Fatz!



  1. Okay, you haaaaddddd to post the most delicious food in the world but you couldn’t post a pic of my banana split?

  2. Yummmmmy.
    This is my kind of place!

  3. Hi, I was wondering from your awesome review if you could tell me who the owners are. I think they used to be my neighbors but I cannot seem to find their names. We have been wanting to go visit the shop but have been so busy. thanks for any help that you can give.

    • I am sorry to say I don’t know there names but I will try to find them out.

    • Jeff and Paulette kirby…i work for them so i’d know

  4. Your Ice Cream and Coffee Shop is off the scale of COOL! You both did and outstanding job putting it together. I am going to get your way sometime this summer. I think it’s funny people trying to find out your names! Myrtle and floyd was always your name, LOL. The Elvis guy is cool.

  5. yeah

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