Posted by: epicwindude | May 1, 2008


Owls are hard because they are only active at night. If you get a new born owl you will need to spend all your time with it till it’s 2 weeks old. But you will still have to spend a lot of time with it. Smaller owls do not live as long as bigger owls. Keep that in mind.  



  1. I lived in a house in a small city in Florida. The house was on a lake. Every morning (well almost), I would hear a noise that sounded like a crazy monkey. I mean it was so loud it would sometimes wake you up.
    Anyway, I took a trip to Houston and met a guy named Steve who is a birdwatcher. I made the noise that I heard at my house in Florida and he knew what owl it was. The next evening we went out to a park near a praire, and he called and called (using a tape of the owl sound) and just as we were ready to give up and leave in flew two barred (not sure of the spelling) owls!! Now THAT was exciting! And they flew in close. So that is one of my experiences with an owl.

  2. cool

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