Posted by: epicwindude | April 25, 2008

My family

This post is not about falconry, but about my wonderful family.

I have a mom who is a great cook and a frugal person, she bakes most of our bread, and a lot of other stuff. Her blog is It’s about living frugal. My dad is a great dad. He is in the Navy. He is the one that gets us all the treats. He has a blog called My older sister AMA she is nice and sick of me talking about falconry. She loves homeschooling and is the best  (and only) older sister I could have. She has a blog called My little brothers LJA and ASA are funny little kids and love playing. I sleep in the same room as them. They don’t have a blog. My little sisters PEA and FVA are cute little girls FVA is 2 and knows her ABC’s and her 123’s. It is great to have them all.



  1. Tristan that was cute. Tristan you are the best brother I have.

  2. Your are such a GREAT brother… and regular brother to AMA!
    It’s always nice to hear good things.
    AND since I’m really not into Falconry (like AMA), it is fun to hear what you think of other things and people in your life!
    I bet you are a super Grandson, too!

  3. Thanks for linking to my blog. I think because you linked my highest blog stats went from 35 to 40 and then to 51. THANKS!!!

  4. I love you buddy!


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