Posted by: epicwindude | March 31, 2008

Types of Falconry permits.

There are three classes of falconry permits and we have listed these below so you can see what is required of each type of falconry permit. We will only list the basic information about each type of permit here, and if you want to look further you can follow one of our links to find more information.

1.    Apprentice falconer: To become a new falconer this is the level you will start at. In most states you must be at least 14 years old to become a falconer. You will be required to have a sponsor to help train you for the two year apprentice program. You must also pass a state falconry exam which usually consists of a 100 question test.

In most states the apprentice falconry will be allowed to train only a passage Redtailed Hawk or an American Kestrel. Some states may allow other raptors and you will need to check with your game departments to see your own states regulations on this. A novice falconer can have only one bird for training at any one time.

2.     General Falconer: After you have two years of training as an apprentice falconer you can become a general falconer. Some states require that you must be at least 18 years old before moving to this level. You will be allowed to have two raptors at any one time and you will also be allowed as a general to use other types of raptors besides the Redtailed Hawk and the American Kestrel.

3.    Master Falconer: To become a master falconer usually take a minimum of five years and in some states even longer. The master falconer permit level is the highest you can obtain. You can have a maximum of three birds for falconry training at any one time. You will also be allowed to pick from a wider range of birds and the types that you can have will be different from state to state.



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