Posted by: epicwindude | September 29, 2010

this is awesome

Posted by: epicwindude | June 13, 2010


i am sooo happy b/c i get to stay on florida all summer i will try to post pics

Posted by: epicwindude | May 31, 2010

chick-fil-a rocks

i was looking for a pic for my gmail and i thought a chick-fil-a pic would be random so when o googled it i saw this amazing sandwich and now i want chick-fil-a soooooooo bad

Posted by: epicwindude | May 27, 2010

fire vs ice

Posted by: epicwindude | May 17, 2010

i am a jedi master

You answered 107 questions correct out of 131 and have achieved the rank of Jedi Master.
Posted by: epicwindude | May 11, 2010

hulk vs lighting dude

Posted by: epicwindude | May 11, 2010


sorry i have not blogged in a wile i have been really busy with school. i got a new comp. the screen is 24 inches long and it plays HD movies

Posted by: epicwindude | April 25, 2010

We got a car

My friend and i were in a car and this old ugly car passes by. A couple days after that my dad calls from work and says that we r going to buy the same type of car. I told my mom that me and my friend were just dissing that car and she said too bad we r getting it anyway.

Posted by: epicwindude | April 16, 2010


sorry i have not written in a wiles i have  been buzzy working on a stinken ten page report on florida

Posted by: epicwindude | March 24, 2010


i in science class dissected a frog it was awesome

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